Barbarian Attack on Indian Dalits... 

Letters to the Editor - The Indian Express

February 12, 1999

Dear Sir, 

Several organizations of Non-Residents in U.S.A. have expressed their agony
over the killings of 23 Dalits in a village of Bihar State in India. In a statement,
Dr. Rahul Deepankar- a well known human rights activist and president of New Republic India International Inc. U.S.A. has denounced and described the attack on poor Dalits and minorities like Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and Sikhs as a barbaric behavior by the so-called high caste Hindus, who are obviously not able to hide their mentality and act of fascism. Joining Dr. Deepankar, the Vice-President of Indian Buddhist Associations in U.S.A. Mr. P.P. Laxaman and President of Vision Mr. P.N. Arya have also condemned the heinous crime committed against the Dalits. In a statement, Dr. Deepankar has said that on January 26th, the Prime Minister of India Mr. Vajpai sent a panel of his cabinet ministers to Orissa to study the murders of Christian leprosy workers Dr. Stains and his two sons. 

From this it appears that he has taken a proper action against the heinous crime. But contrary to this, it is most shameful to note the fact that no such
reaction or observations have been made by the Prime Minister. It seems like
a daily routine to him to hear the killings, rapes, and other types of oppressions
of hundreds of poor voiceless Dalits in India. The barbaric killings of 23 innocent Dalits have gone unnoticed as the Government in particular and society in general have accepted these outrageous killings of Dalits simply as a non-event and just to file these incidents into their mental black hole that "Aisa To Hota Hi Rahata Hai"(means that such occurrences keeps happening). Universal differences to these incidents and Indian Government's failure to render justice to the victims are a sign of continued negligence of one fourth of the nation's population. The NRI leaders, human rights activists and Indian community living in the U.S.A. have urged to the whole Indian nation and particularly the media that they must not let these massacres be pushed under the rug again. 

Having realized the potential threat to the lives of Dalits of that area from the last killing of 61 Dalits in December 1997, both the State and Union Government failed to protect the lives of Dalits. The leader have resolved to make these governments responsible for the killings of Dalits and demanded that the Areas should be declared as highly hypersensitive and the Indian Army should be deployed with immediate effect so that the Dalits living in neighboring areas could feel safe. At the end, the NRI leaders have observed that if these trends of violence against Dalits and other minorities are not checked and turned around, the civil war as envisioned by another Hindu fascist leader Mr. Thakrey, will become a reality and the cherished dream of "Mera Bharat Mahan" (My India is Great) would prove to be a great lie. 

Dr. Rahul Deepankar, President of New Republic Indian International, Inc. Chicago, U.S.A P.P. Laxaman Vice-President of Indian Buddhist Association, New York P.N. Arya President of Vision, New York